Household Cleaning Remedies

In our previous article we gave a list of spot removing guides for carpets. For spots such as:- tomato sauce, eggs, feces, food colour, white glue, mayonnaise, latex paint and watercolour paint, an ammonia solution could be used as stated in the article. The ammonia solution is made by diluting one tablespoon of clear ammonia solution with one cup (250 ml) water.

For spots such as:- beer, liquor, coffee, and tea, a vinegar solution was suggested. The vinegar solution is a dilution of 50% vinegar and 50% water.

For sugar, chocolate, fruit juice, gravy, milk, cold drinks, urine, and wine, an ammonia solution as well as a vinegar solution is suggested, and these solutions are diluted as stated.

For paints with an oil base, read the label for specific thinners or solvents.

Before applying any cleaning agent to your carpet, it is important to test for colourfastness. A good colourfastness test is to dampen a white towel with the cleaning agent and blotting a small corner of the carpet. If no colour has transferred onto the white towel, it should be safe to use the cleaner on the offending spot.

If a Carpet Cleaning Specialist has been called in to clean your carpet, he will remove the residue from any household remedy that has been applied to the carpet, and that would have to be allowed to dry before the entire carpet can be cleaned.

Unfortunately some stains are permanent, and even the specialists cannot remove them.