Factors affecting the removal of spots and stains

Your beautiful carpet could become permanently damaged from spots and spills. If something is spilled on your carpet, speed is of the essence. The longer a spot is left on the carpet, the more difficult it will be to remove. Blot a wet spill immediately with paper towels.

Factors to consider:-

The temperature of the spill could be a determining factor. A steaming hot cup of tea or coffee could affect the dye of the carpet fiber, whereas a warm cuppa would do far less damage.

A wool fiber carpet could stain more easily than a nylon fiber carpet, and a high fiber carpet is more difficult to clean than one of a lower pile.


A spot will become a stain (i.e. permanent) if incorrect procedures or incorrect chemicals are used in an attempt to remove it. Chemicals also need time to work their magic - so allow time - have patience.

For friendly assistance or advice on the cleaning of your carpet, please contact the experts - Cleaning Specialists.

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