Spots, spills, and stains on carpets

Do you have an unsightly mark on your carpet? Have you tried removing the mark with every available product? Have you tried spot removing remedies given to you by friends - but to no avail - that mark is still there.

There are many reasons why one spill can be removed while another mark turns into a stain. Let us look at the difference between a spot, a spill, and a stain.

A spot is a dry mark that can be removed from the carpet by using the correct product as well as the correct procedure.

A spill is when something wet has marked the carpet, and can be removed by using the correct procedure.

If, even after professional cleaning services, have cleaned your carpet, the mark is still there, it is because a substance has permanently damaged the carpet, it could even have changed the colour of the fiber. This is a stain, it is permanent and cannot be removed.

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