Canopy Cleaning Services

By law, all commercial kitchen extraction systems require:

  • A canopy to collect the fumes
  • Effective ducting
  • Fan/s
  • Carbon and grease filters

The canopy’s job is to absorb smoke, fat, oils, poisonous carbon monoxide gases, as well as odours and chemical particles…so the people working in your kitchen don’t have to.

Cleaning your commercial kitchen canopy in-house can be very dangerous and is not advised. That is why expert advice in canopy and extraction cleaning is essential to make sure your kitchen is safe and sound.

We clean your canopy inside & out to ensure:

  1. Effectiveness over time
  2. Appearance over time
  3. Carbon monoxide gases and grease elements in the air are removed to the level required by Health & Safety standards

A Comprehensive Specialist cleaning service

  • Avoid the build-up of fat residues and blocked air inlets which lead to loss of efficiency and increased risk of fire
  • Ensure sufficient air for complete combustion at fired appliances, and prevent the risk of carbon monoxide accumulating
  • Remove cooking fumes at the source, i.e. as close to the cooking equipment as possible
  • Remove excess hot air and introduce incoming cool clean air so that a comfortable environment is achieved
  • Ensure that the air movement in the kitchen does not cause discomfort

Upon completion of cleaning, you will be provided with a certificate detailing the service provided.

We are Specialists in :

Hotels kitchen cleaning services, hospitals kitchen cleaning, restaurants cleaning and many franchises as well as domestic kitchens cleaning

Contact the canopy cleaning specialists to avoid possible fire hazards in the kitchen

In addition to our canopy cleaning services we also provide :